wpcoda wordpress themeDescription

WP CODA is a theme I created by modifying several already-existing code snippets and implementing them with my own design. The result is a wordpress theme that mimics the functionality of the very popular Coda website that is the object of so many developers envy. Every aspect of the Coda website was duplicated and this theme works in every major browser.

I, like most UI designers, have a great love for fluid navigation. Panic executed this design philosophy perfectly when they published the Coda site. Perform a quick search for “coda slider” and you”ll see I”m but one designer of many that feel this way. I”ve yet to release a free wordpress theme and I wanted my first one to be different. I saw this as an opportunity to do just that, and since nobody has done it yet (that I could find anyway) I felt it was the perfect pet project. I also needed a pet project to distract me from the slow parts of my current development project. Thus WP CODA was born.

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